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In the U.S. today, there are over 1.5 million LGBTQ+ adults over the age of 65. These are the people who lived through the early days of Pride after Stonewall and endured the heartache of the AIDS crisis. Their work and visibility made it possible for Ellen to come out on national TV and paved the way for marriage equality.

If you're an LGBTQ+ person over a certain age though, you might feel far from seen. We're a culture obsessed with youth and, unfortunately, in the LGBTQ+ community this can be magnified in a way that doesn't benefit anyone. 

The good news is, more and more, organizations are beginning to recognize the need to better support our LGBTQ+ elders through specialized health, social, and generalized care options. Find some of these groups below. 

Senior gay couple


Kitsap Pride


Kitsap Pride's mission is to celebrate, support, and unite the LGBTQ+ community in Kitsap County. They work with other groups to achieve their goals, including hosting a Pride celebration every summer.

Bainbridge Pride


Bainbridge Pride is a page that focuses on keeping LGBTQ members and allies on in the Bainbridge Island community connected and helps promote involvement in the Community and in the Arts.

Jefferson County Transgender Support


JCTS exists to prevent isolation and provide peer understanding for trans and gender-nonconforming individuals. We strive to empower each other, share with one another, and provide a space for us to be open and communicate on an issue that affects all members. We are a safe space for people to talk about personal issues, experiences, struggles, and thoughts.

Kitsap LGBTQ+ Friends Meetup


Meetup Group organizing and promoting LGBTQ+ events and meetups throughout Kitsap County

Planned Parenthood West Sound

Kitsap & National

National resource that provides health and sexual wellness services to millions, as well as advocacy and education.

Bainbridge Psychotherapy Guild


A non-profit association of psychotherapists practicing on Bainbridge Island. Their mission is to promote dialogue among psychotherapists working on Bainbridge and to serve as liaison between the community of psychotherapists with the local community. Includes a search engine and a dedicated Gay & Lesbian page.

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