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What is a resource?

Resources can be organizations, services, or businesses that are either personally or professionally invested in the LGBTQ+ community. We aim to connect members of our community with businesses they can feel confident in supporting, social groups that are inclusive, and organizations that have our backs.


How resources are chosen


Potential resources come to us two ways: A community member makes a recommendation for a resource. We then reach out and encourage the potential Resource to apply, if they seem appropriate. Or, the Resource contacts us directly. 


Approval is dependent on final review of potential Resource’s completed application and questionnaire, agreement to the Statement of Community Care, any recommendations, and online vetting through social media and other channels. 


When a potential Resource applies for inclusion in the guide, we review their application to make sure their services and practices align with our mission. Resources are updated approximately quarterly. 


We follow up with Resources annually to update their information and listing. We also reserve the right to remove any Resource that violates our community care guidelines or engages in behavior that is conflict with our mission.

Statement of Community Care

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, we expect that any Resource listed in the Guide strives to create an environment that: 

  • allows equitable access to services,

  • transparently supports inclusion, 

  • welcomes all members of the LGBTQ+ and intersectional communities, 

  • and has tenaciously committed to growth and advocacy. 

We take all reports regarding a breach of these standards seriously. We will not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, ableism, racism, or other such bullshit behavior.


In order to be listed by RCNW you must:​​

  • Identify as a member of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, nonbinary, gender non-conforming, and/or genderqueer community, or be an ally who has demonstrated their active and inclusive support.

  • Understand that being listed in the RCNW Guide may disclose your identity and/or your business’ alliance with the LGBTQ+ community. Your specific identity information (sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity) will not be shared unless you give us permission as part of your listing. We ask that you please consider the level of disclosure that feels safe to you.

  • Commit to RCNW’s "Statement of Community Care" (see above) to ensure that listings in the Guide are aligned with the values of RCNW.

  • Complete the resource questionnaire. We will contact you about your application shortly after filling this out.

Image by Joyce McCown
Resource Application
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