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The Guide

While the Pacific Northwest is a more welcoming environment than many, it remains difficult to find helpful, supportive resources. This is a systemic problem throughout the United States--even in major cities! We want to make it easier for LGBTQ+ people  to find what they need to help themselves and our community, one provider, business, or organization at a time.  

Our Plan

Our first series of Resource Guides are focused on the community that most of Rainbow Crew's founders call home--the area in and around the Kitsap Peninsula in western Washington state. Throughout 2021, our Guides for Kitsap will expand and grow, which will help us refine our model. Ultimately, we want to roll out Rainbow Crew Guides in other geographic locations. 

We appreciate your support and welcome your feedback! We're just a group of people who saw a need and are working to fill it--we're always happy to hear how we can do and be better! 

Read more about Rainbow Crew NW, including our disclaimer. 

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Mental & Physical Healthcare services



Support & Social groups

Colorful Tables


LGBTQ+ Owned and Friendly companies.

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Social & Organization meetups

Resources by Identity

We are working to organize our information in ways that make it as easy and accessible as possible. While our general Guides include resources that benefit every facet of our community, here you'll find our resources organized by specific identities or roles.


Gender is complicated. While where you are in figuring out your personal identity is no one's business but your own, connecting with others can support you in your journey. 


As a person who is Black, Indigenous, Latino, Hispanic, or Asian, you deserve access to spaces, organizations, and providers that affirm and support your experience. 

Parents & Family Members

If you have an LGBTQ+ person in your life, we hope you support them fully...and it's okay to not know how to do that! Find resources here to connect with others who can help! 


There's nothing easy about growing up, especially if you're LGBTQ+. It can also be an exciting time to become who you're meant to be, while making new friends who see you for who you are. 


Feeling seen and building community is important at all stages of life. If you're one of our community's elders, you need social, health, and advocacy services just like every other generation. 

Allies & Advocacy

Allies have always played an important role in the LGBTQ+ community. Want to be a better ally or advocate? Start here. 

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